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Steve White      On The Issues



Failed policies particularly at the federal level have led to devastating, runaway inflation. The best way for Oklahomans to fight this is to remove job-killing regulations, promote Oklahoma-based businesses -- especially for one of the largest drivers of our economy: oil & gas. Steve White believes we must also restore Oklahoma as a manufacturing powerhouse and recruit good jobs from large employers to our state so future generations have great opportunity.



The ultimate way to stop federal overreach is to lessen our dependency on the federal government. Steve White believes one of the reasons House District 13 voters are fed up with government overreach is because career politicians like Nancy Pelosi say one thing and do another. Steve will push back on federal overreach and aim to lessen the state's dependency on the feds.

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Radical left-wing liberals would wish nothing more than to strip police funding. They tried in 2020 and failed miserably. Now, those same Democrats who tried are under scrutiny for potential embezzlement. Steve White believes we must go on the offense to strengthen public safety, not wait for the left-wing Democrats to try again. Steve will champion police, fire, and emergency management services -- including good pay, equipment, and support. 

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As a father who raised two amazing kids under the same roof with the same set of rules, Steve White knows that kids don't learn the same way. The constant battle in education is that some believe one system (i.e., private, charter, or public) is better than the other. Steve believes that is just not the case. Because he's regularly visited with local school leaders from work and with parents from volunteering in several nonprofits in Wagoner, McIntosh, and Muskogee counties over the last two decades -- White understands the needs of a strong, multi-dimensional education system. Steve also believes we must promote trades through classes in carpentry, welding, electrical, home ec (i.e., "home economics") in addition to higher education. He will be a champion for conservative policies that support our teachers, increased parent involvement, push back on liberal indoctrination, and accountability for school funding. Steve will also encourage new educational programs for children to learn in different ways that prepare them for entering the workforce.

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Recently, Governor Stitt signed The Transparency in Health Care Prices Act, which unanimously passed in the House and Senate, and requires healthcare providers make available a pricing list for the cash price of common procedures, either on their website or through some "other conspicuous posting." As a businessman who's felt the cost associated with healthcare, Steve White strongly understands the need for this law and strongly supports it. He also believes Oklahoma can further improve ways that insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, and providers maintain trust with patients, including the cost of medicine.

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Steve White believes the national Democrat party doesn't even come close to representing the conservative values that eastern Oklahomans believe. Steve is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-states rights. He will be a fighter for life, liberty, and freedom. Steve believes we must continue praying for leaders who will do the right thing even when no one is watching. He is a man of integrity and has had a heart of service from an early age. He and his wife are actively involved in their church.

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